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SEL and Social Media

We are in a modern world, where social medias are ofte used by young people and adults.
Our League opened accounts in the main social media like  instagram, facebook, and twitter; and we also use whatsapp, telegram, line and wechat.
Here we give you how to reach them.

Scoutlink conects scouts

From long time ago, Scoutlinks let Skolta Esperanto-Ligo have its chat channel in their website.  Scoutlink is an international organisation that puts scouts/girl scouts in touch through internet, no matter in which world international organisation s/he belongs.

The chatrooms are organizated by sections, languages or interests. You can use the webchat or another softwares like IRC or TeamSpeak. For esperantists, you must go to https://webchat.scoutlink.net  write your nickname and then type #esperanto to enter the chatroom. Not always you can find esperantists on it, but you can leave a message, and then someone will contact you. Help us to keep the chatroom #esperanto  alive on Scoutlink