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Vietnam’s Scouts back at WOSM

After 44 years, and a big labor of the Asia-Pacific Scout Region, the Pathfinder Scouts of Vietname went back today at WOSM.

The scout movement never disappeared in Vietnam, but it stoped between 1960 and 1970 because of the war.

Now WOSM accepted them again in the world scout familly and we hope to see this association increasing their members.

Esperanto can do a great work among scouts in Vietnam, because there are lot of esperantospeaking youth in that country.

Azio komencas skoltumi Esperante

S-ro Adam Eng el Malajzio daŭre laboras por disvastigi Esperanton inter geskoltoj el Indonezio, Malajzio, Tajlando kaj Singapuro. Li kreis multajn grupojn tujmesaĝiloj kiel  vacapo, line kaj wechat por atingi la geskoltaron kiu ne uzas facebook, vacapo aŭ instagram.

Interesa agado en  Sudorienta Azio kiu meritas apogon kaj kunlaboro de aliaj geesperantistoj kaj geskoltoj de la mondo.  Jam rezultoj komencis flori kaj kelkajn skoltoj el Indonezio kaj Malajzio komencis lerni Esperanton.

SEL and Social Media

We are in a modern world, where social medias are ofte used by young people and adults.
Our League opened accounts in the main social media like  instagram, facebook, and twitter; and we also use whatsapp, telegram, line and wechat.
Here we give you how to reach them.

Korea will host the 25th World Scout Jamboree

The World Scout Conference met in  Baku, Azerbaijan, choose South Korea for hosting the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023. Korea received 607 votes, against 365 of Polland.

Scoutlink conects scouts

From long time ago, Scoutlinks let Skolta Esperanto-Ligo have its chat channel in their website.  Scoutlink is an international organisation that puts scouts/girl scouts in touch through internet, no matter in which world international organisation s/he belongs.

The chatrooms are organizated by sections, languages or interests. You can use the webchat or another softwares like IRC or TeamSpeak. For esperantists, you must go to  write your nickname and then type #esperanto to enter the chatroom. Not always you can find esperantists on it, but you can leave a message, and then someone will contact you. Help us to keep the chatroom #esperanto  alive on Scoutlink