The camp will take place on a private farm near the town of Ascea, in southern Italy (province of Salerno)

A journey

Many long-distance trains stop in Ascea. The journey from the station to the camp can be arranged by agreement, or it is possible to walk up to half an hour.

The nearest international airport is Naples, the journey takes about two hours by train.


The age group of this camp is 12-16 years for the patrols. Older Scouts and Guides can participate separately as an International Service Team member.

Scouts should be on patrols with a patrol leader and able to take care of their tent, and cook some meals themselves.

Every patrol and every senior (under the age of 18) is under the responsibility of an adult Scoutmaster (at least 20 years old) who already knows him or her well.

Everyone must respect the local rules against the pandemic and possess the necessary “green cards”.

The responsible Scoutmasters will ensure that the participation of the Scouts for whom they are responsible is under the same insurance as their usual Scouting activities.

The Scoutmasters will form the camp staff and jointly develop the program.

The leaders of the groups that have joined must participate (free of charge) in a meeting and organizational meeting at home on the camp 27-30 December 2021.

Fee and subsidy

The fee is 150 € and will include: 3 meals per day, common expenses of the camp and a contribution to the cashier to subsidize the trips.

The fee must be paid 50% by November 30, 2021 and 50% on the spot. To pay the first installment, please make the first payment to the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA) with a SELX-M Scout 2022 statement.

To transfer money to UEA, choose a way here. Then send proof of the tour to SEL ( with a list of the participants with their age on April 10, 2022 and number of patrols. Later it is possible to change names,

Repayment of the advance is only possible if the camp does not take place.

The trip will be subsidized by a local refund of: € 10 per person from another region of Italy, € 30 per person from a neighboring country, € 50 per person from another country. The camp budget is already unprofitable and SEL will cover the deficit, so it is no longer possible to subsidize participation.


Participating patrols and individuals should have their own tent and gear. Some things can be borrowed on the spot by agreement with the participating local Scouts. Patrols intending to build facilities with stakes and rope announce this so that we can arrange for them to rent the stakes.

Pre-camp and post-camp

The organizing team arrives on site on April 9th. The International Service Team arrives on April 10th. Everyone is allowed to arrive earlier and stay longer, but on their own. Upon request, it is possible to arrange contacts for accommodation before or after the camp at home or in scouts near the camp or in visiting cities.

Letter friends

Participants are invited to correspond online in front of the camp to get to know each other and improve their knowledge of Esperanto and help beginners.


The camp will be held during the Easter week for Western Christians. It is possible to attend Sunday Mass.


The program developed so far is available on the official website

New items can be suggested to the organizing committee by email to