Girls Scouts Celebrated the Thinking Day

Girls Scouts Celebrated the Thinking Day

February 22, 2021 Off By redaktoro

Every year on February 22nd we celebrate Founders Day, the birthday
of Baden-Powell and his wife Lady Olave.

The theme of the holiday in 2021 was Peacebuilding.


“Even though you can’t visit Scouts and Girl Scouts in France, either
Finland, in Austria or Australia, in Italy or Iceland, Canada or Chile,
Ghana or Guatemala, USA or U.A.R., you can contact them there in your
MIND. And in this invisible, spiritual way you can give them your uplifting sympathy and friendship. Thus we Scouts, of all ages and of all nations, go with the highest and the best to the
spreading true peace and goodwill on earth. ”

(Window on My Heart (1983), Lady Baden-Powell and Mary Drewery, p. 182)

How did you celebrate that birthday? “